Commercial Solar Solutions

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Commercial Solar Services
OnForce Solar has a long track record and strong expertise in the design, engineering and construction of solar energy systems for the commercial, industrial and municipal markets. We also have considerable experience and depth of knowledge in the complex New York City solar market. When it comes to Solar in New York City, our team, demonstrated ability to perform and portfolio of executed projects is second to none. OnForce also provides expert and unbiased financial, technical and RFP/RFI advisory services to organizations interested in solar and unsure where to start. We encourage you to take advantage of our experience.
    OnForce Solar designs, engineers, finances, and installs customized solar energy systems for businesses. We handle all applicable permits, rebate processing, and administration, providing a truly turnkey solar solution.
    Demand response provides the opportunity for customers to shift or reduce their energy usage in response to
time based rates. OnForce will facilitate the customer’s enrollment into a demand response program and perform all the necessary assessments to ensure the highest returns.
    OnForce professionals conduct unique consultations for businesses to assess their facilities specific energy. From these consultations, a design is created to optimize the building’s energy needs.
    Energy management is a proactive approach to the facilitation of procurement, distribution, and use of energy to meet the building’s needs while coordinating with environmental and economic goals. Energy modeling is
a tool that is used to predict annual energy costs based on specific parameters such as climate, building factors, utility rates, and heating and cooling usage. OnForce uses this information to create energy solutions to ensure maximum energy efficiency.
    The commissioning process consists of all facets of design, installation, testing, and instruction to ensure
the commissioned systems work to meet the building’s requirements and specifications. OnForce utilizes its in-house team of engineers and construction professionals during the commissioning process. Retro-commissioning uses the same tools, but assesses buildings from which energy performance has degraded over time due to faulty equipment or operating modes. OnForce identifies performance inadequacies and offers low cost energy solutions to maximum efficiency.
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Benefits of going solar for businesses

Commercial businesses consume exorbitant amounts of energy—spending tens of millions of dollars on utility expenses each year.

Covering thousands of square feet of roof space, these facilities are ideally built for solar panels. As rapid energy consumers, going solar for businesses could offer huge savings—even millions of dollars over the lifetime of a system.

OnForce Solar offers a turnkey commercial solar solution. Whether you’re purchasing your system or financing it through an operating lease or capital loan, you’ll gain federal incentives, rebates, and tax deductions that result in major savings. We’re experts at determining the finance structure that will enable the highest possible ROI while minimizing your tax bills.


Your loan or lease is typically collateralized against the equipment with no lien on your building. With no down payment required, you’ll start generating positive cash flow the day we install your system. Going solar for businesses reduces overall fixed energy costs while making payments predictable.

Our assessment, design, and installation processes are custom to your commercial facility. We’ll walk you through your financing options, ensuring you reap the most benefit from government incentives based on your location and tax circumstances.

We’ll handle all permits, rebate processing, and audits to kick off your installation. Through a detailed assessment, we’ll design a system that maximizes your available roof space and resources.

Decrease your energy costs. Save the environment. Go solar with OnForce.