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Operations & Maintenance


Solar power Systems are extremely reliable, but like any sophisticated equipment with a life span potentially exceeding 30 years, your System should be maintained to operate at peak efficiency.  Doing so will help ensure your System continues to produce energy at maximum levels.  OnForce Solar has the infrastructure, know-how, tools, equipment, and other resources necessary to access all System components, and perform this important function in a highly cost-effective and timely manner.

Multiple factors, including the System type, tilt, and support structure, can all significantly impact maintenance requirements and frequency.  Proximity to sources of pollen, dust, and other physical barriers to sunlight, such as shading can also negatively impact your System’s energy production.  OnForce will design a custom maintenance plan around the nuances of your property –  one size does not fit all.

Parts, labor, transportation, and sundries are all included in the service we provide.  OnForce can also guarantee your system’s energy output for the life of a System covered under a Maintenance Agreement.


One key to achieving maximum production from your System is the ability to proactively identify potential issues before they become problems.  Without monitoring, issues can go unnoticed for extended periods, resulting in significant energy loss over time.  For this reason, ongoing, 24 x 7 web-based System monitoring is offered with all our maintenance plans.  These advanced monitoring systems allow OnForce Solar to quickly identify, and diagnose Systems not performing up to their potential.

All issues detected through our monitoring systems are routed to the OnForce Solar’s trouble-shooting group, who’s function is to diagnose and take corrective action.  If necessary, we’ll promptly deploy a service team to your site to fix the problem.

We provide turn-key solar energy solutions.