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Engineering & Design

Not all solar energy Systems are created equal.

A properly designed System will not only maximize production, but require less maintenance, last longer, and improve ROI. An intelligent design will exploit positive conditions at your site, and minimize its potential disadvantages.

The quality of the components implemented, wire gauge, spacing of array rows, tilt, and dozens of other factors are paramount to proper System design. Electrical infrastructure, and other physical conditions (e.g., shading, orientation, proximity to sources of soiling) must all be considered for the System to operate efficiently. Likewise, anticipated energy consumption versus space allocated for the System will also impact design.

OnForce Solar has the years of practical engineering and design expertise to know what's important, and creatively craft a solution to meet the needs of our customers – a capability that truly differentiates us in the marketplace. We don't cut corners, and will always specify the most appropriate, quality components for your System, even if they cost us a little more. Your return on investment is our top priority.

We provide turn-key solar energy solutions.